"Yari Indira" is a lifestyle blog ran by Brooklyn native, currently a Boston resident, Yaritza Indira. I am using this blog to express myself and some of my favorite things from clothes to lifestyle topics. I don't believe in fashion rules, so I use clothes mainly to play dress up. I also don't believe in being afraid of speaking up on something that you truly believe in, even if it means stepping on a few toes.

I hope this blog helps all you in the way that it's meant to, whether it's on culture or fashion. Please enjoy and indulge, whether it's a comment or like. I really want to get to know and engage with my all of you.

Fun Facts:
I'm from Brooklyn NY (Brooklyn in the house!)
I am Panamanian (Welcome to all my latinas)
I can't drive (New Yorker problems)

-Love, Yari

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