Should Black Men Have A Platform To Bash Black Women?!

So if you are a viewer of any of the shows on OWN, then you might have come across Iyanla: Fix My Life. To be perfectly honest, I personally never felt the desire to watch her show. However, as of recently, there is a special segment of Iyanla: Fix My Life, that has caught my attention in the worse way possible. This segment seems to be dedicated to giving a group of black men a national platform to express why they don't date black women (have mercy).
Now I am someone who believes everyone should be able to freely express how they feel on any topic. However this is not one of them! Black women are bashed on a daily basis via social media, and in some cases in person. So why are we giving them the opportunity to do this on television? Mind you, these men don't seem to want to be "fixed", or try to understand why black women are so "angry" but rather just want to let the whole world know that their little feeling have been hurt and pride has been bruised, and it's time to cry about it. Plus if you really look at them talking, they are the angry ones.
I can usually listen to people vent and let their feelings out, but not these men, because nothing they say can or ever will be validated.
Most of these men have made the decision not to date black women based on their past experiences. To me, this is honestly just a dumb excuse to do what they truly want to do, which is date white women. Coincidentally I read a quote on tumblr saying:
"Black men who prefer white women never tell you why they like white women, it's always why they don't like black women".
I don't care if you want to date an alien, that doesn't give you the right to bash others, especially women that look like your mother, period.
Out of all of these feelings that I have shared, the thing that really upsets me is the fact that I know there are white women watching this, and rather than sensing loyalty and respect from the black man for their women, they are seeing us being publicly humiliated and disrespected.
In closing, if Iyanla wanted to have a private seminar with these men, then fine. I just really dislike the fact that they were given such a huge opportunity to discuss, dare I say, their hatred for black women on national television. Especially a topic that black women are slapped with nearly everyday! Self-Hate isn't an issue that can be "fixed" by a life coach. These men and others like them are going to have to WILLINGLY want to change. In the meantime I'm not here to stroke anyone's ego who decides I'm not desirable. 
Thank you for reading and make sure to share your thoughts!

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