''God, Help...I'm Broke"

Have you ever prayed to God to help you be better with your finances? Well, I haven't. That is until now. Now I usually have no problem asking God to help me with school and my relationships, but for some reason I never spoke to Him about money. Trust me, if you know my financial history, you would ask me why I haven't.

Now I  believe that as humans, we often put God in a box,  sometimes underestimating His power. However this isn't the case in my situation. It's not that I was doubting God's power to help me with my finances, but rather didn't understand how He would see this as important. Silly me. How can the one who saw me as important enough to create, not care about my every aspect in my life? We should all ask ourselves this whenever we feel some doubt coming on.

Anyhow it wasn't until I recently saw a post on Instagram by a young lady giving her testimony on how God helped her become a better decision maker with her money that I realized how important this is. Now if you are a student and work part time like myself, you know that money literally comes and goes, especially if you have your own bills. Now in the young lady's case, she spent money on things that wasn't necessary rather than saving and spending wisely. 

However in my case, I have no extra spending money.  So my prayer has been for God to put me in a position or positions that will cause me to see a bill without having an anxiety attack. Now I believe that when we pray for something if God sees it fit for our lives, He will provide us with the opportunity, but we have to put in some work too. So once given the chance, I will have to do my part.

So my prayer for all of us is that if you are someone out there worrying about how you are going to pay this month's rent or phone bill (like yours truly), that you ask God to help you, not only to provide for you but to also help you become a better steward with your money.

My prayers including my finances just started last night, so my journey with God as my accountant is very new, but I will keep you all updated on the miracles that I know are bound to happen.

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