Enjoying Your Youth (5 Tips!)

If it is one thing I hate, it is wasted time. Not only with school or work, but with your life,  especially during your youth. I am constantly hearing older women say, "If I was young again....", not only are they referring to wanting to wear a certain outfit, but the life choices they made.  A big one is usually their decision on men.  Let me give you a few things that you want to make sure is the best during your youth. (These are just my opinions)

1) Who You Date

This is probably the most important one, to me.  The reality is you that during your youth you are in the prime of your dating life.  So don't waste what should be some of your most memorable years with someone that you know you have absolutely no future with.  While I advise dating around, try to date POTENTIAL. You can never get back wasted time.

Running around with a bunch of men that don't have your best interest, eventually takes its toll.  Not only does this affect you directly but it can also negatively affect your view of men and love.  You may not notice it right away, but your dating life participates in your molding as a young woman.

So date men that you can possibly see yourself with long-term. Don't date a million losers, that when "Mr. Right" does come along he's just another guy. It isn't fair to him or you. Remember that you deserve the best, that includes who give yourself and heart to. Write a note to your future self talking about what you wanted in a husband when you were younger and how you were fortunate enough to find him. 

Make this a guideline for how you date now and see if he is anything like the "future Mr." in you note.

2) Who You Hang Around

Understandably as a young adult, you want to have a social life.  However I would strongly advise that you choose who hang around carefully. My lack of friends does not only stem from me being an introvert but also because I am very protective of my space.  There are times when you can decide whether you want to be around someone just after one meeting and if you can tell that they are not for you, just leave it alone. I promise you that you aren't missing out on anything, your intuition is there for a reason.

What I'm about to say, I will stand by for the rest of my life.  No one is worth your peace of mind, no one. That includes friends and family.  The people you allow in your space will always have an affect on your vibes, whether it be positive or negative.  You want to be around people that are going to make you better. In my opinion, choose your friends similar to how you would choose a partner (minus some things of course).  Just look for the obvious characteristics like loving, thoughtful, uplifting, etc.  I know this may sound weird at first but trust me, it's worth it.

Also remember you are most likely going to have more "associates" than friends.  Being the socialite of your city is not worth it if you feel like no one around you is genuine. Your space is not only your literal space but also your mental space, so make sure whoever you're around is bringing something that's worth making a space for.

3) Your Relationship With Your Parents

While this may not seem like a huge factor, trust me it is.  The relationship between you and your parents reflects on your future relationships. It affects how you see yourself and that sometimes includes how much you value yourself or what you think you can accomplish in your life.  Our parents views of us has a greater impact on us than we realize.  If we don't feel that they support us, that isn't going to determine what we can actually do.  However it is going to affect the process.

Remember when I said that no one is worth your peace of mind? Unfortunately, this includes your parents. You may be at an age now where all you want to do is make them proud, while that is great, keep in mind that the decisions that you make, you have to live with.

However, if you do have parents that support you, make sure you appreciate and respect them. This of course is going to have a positive impact on your life. So when you get older and have those days where you feel like nothing is working out,  remembering your parents encouraging words and actions will help you get through it.

Now I know that no one has the perfect relationship with their parents, but at the very least, make it a positive one. You want to be able to go through life without the burden of not having the right relationship with you parents. Right now, it may seem like it won't matter in the future, but it will. Whether we notice it or not.

4) Following Your Dreams

I know that this sounds so cliche, but it is important. Going after what you love is one of the things that make being a young adult so adventurous.  During these years, we have a drive that causes us to be risk takers and so passionate.  It is important to go after what you want now, because sometimes the older we get, we may feel that the chances of our dreams happening are less.

So take this love for life that you have now, and go for it! Time goes by so fast, that by the time you know, you'll be married with a family. Not to say that this can prevent a dream from happening but it may slow down the process because of other responsibilities. That is why you need to take advantage of these younger years where your responsibilities may be less and do what makes you happy.

Your future self will thank you.

5) Enjoy Your Youth!

This is what it all boils down to. Relationships and careers are important, however you don't want to get so caught up in making your youth the most successful years of your life that you forget to enjoy the it.  It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race, especially when we see the success of others, but take to enjoy YOUR journey. 

At the end of the day laugh and love as much as you can because that is what you're going to sit down and reminisce on. Even the dumb little mistakes you make are going to be laughable, enjoy those too. Enjoy! 

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