I'm Black With No A$$

I have been petite my whole life. Short, small frame, no booty. Now, at 25, I have accepted my body for what it is, well kinda (I'm getting there). Unfortunately I didn't always feel this way. Going to school in Brooklyn with all black boys and girls, the pressure was intense, plus some of the girls were extremely developed for their age. I mean the guys liked girls with a phatty, and if you didn't have one, you didn't get any attention. I can laugh at this now, but there was a point where I hated being small so bad that I would where 3-4 pair of underwear for some extra padding (laugh, its okay). Crazy thing is we were nine and eight year olds, smh.

Although there was a time in my life when I wasn't bothered by this "issue", the problem seemed to have resurrected when squats became the "creme de la creme" exercise for women, and let's not get into twerking. Not to mention the hundreds of songs that glorify big butts (i.e. "Anaconda").  To be honest, I don't think I would have ever felt this way if having a butt didn't seem to be so "important".

Being a black woman, it's almost as if a booty is suppose to come with the territory. Well I'm here to tell you that this not always the case, and unfortunately a lot of people, especially both men and women will make you feel bad because of it. If there is any reason you want a bigger butt, please don't let it be for some man. It's so easy to let it get to you, especially when you see all these fitness girls on Instagram with their flat stomachs and round booty. A reality check is that no matter how many squats some of us do, our anatomy is the way it is.

There were times when I thought maybe I wasn't finished growing yet, I mean I'm a black hispanic woman, BLACK HISPANIC, it just wouldn't be natural for me not to be bootylicious. Right? Wrong.

So to all my sistas out there that may not possess all the assets that you want, it's okay. If you are happy with the body you have now, that is all that matters, don't fall for the bull that you need to have a booty to look good, it doesn't make you "less black", lol. These are a few things that I have to sometimes remind myself, because it is really to get caught up in the nonsense, especially when you're at an age where you want to feel sexy and love your body. 

If you are letting this become an insecurity of yours, I just want to tell you that they are so many more things that you possess that are so beautiful which will actually add to your growth as a woman. 

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