The Reality Of The Light Girls & Dark Girls Documentaries

Last night I was able to catch bits and pieces of OWN's "Light Girls".  A while back the network aired a documentary called "Dark Girls", which I also saw bits and pieces of.  My personal opinion for both of these documentaries is that neither of them really needed to be made.  You have both groups trying to tell their stories, and can't help but come off as defensive or as a pity party to the girls of the opposite skin tone.  I can imagine white people at looking this, laughing and thinking, there's a difference? Colorism may not have created by blacks, but it sure is continued by us.  Maybe it was poor casting or just poor statements. Here are a few of my thoughts:

It Doesn't Fix The Problem
When "Dark Girls" aired, many black women took their opinions to twitter, with comments such as "why are dark girls always playing the victim", "dark girls aren't the only one who go through this".  I'm sure you get where I'm going. 
It seems like last night when "Light Girls" aired, the same thing happened.  Comments such as, "light girls have never faced the adversity dark girls have faced, "light skin privilege does exist" and so forth. Just a mess on both ends.
Why can't their be a documentary called "Black Girls"? Where black women of all shades come together and discuss the adversity that we face as a whole, rather than what we face based on our skin tone.  Our shade is really the least of our problems as black women, or at least it should be.  I really feel that these documentaries causes or at least portrays separation amongst black women, which is what I thought we were trying to stop. 

Men Were Included
Let's be honest this colorism issue is way more of a problem for black women than it is for black men. So their opinions are really unnecessary, especially considering the fact that black men are a main contributor to this problem and why it still exists today.  That's the truth.
If you look at the men in these documentaries, it was clear they had a preference.  They know that black women take what they say to heart, and for many years, them voicing their irrelevant opinions has caused so many black women to value or devalue themselves.

It's A Personal Problem
Obviously not all black women have a problem with each other based on their skin tone.  The sad reality is that colorism among blacks may always be a problem simply because it's "to each his own" kind of situation.
Please note that this is simply my personal opinion.  I would love to hear your thoughts as well, please comment below, or tweet us @sincerelyyari.
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