Should I tell him I'm a virgin? Yes. That is my answer, and here is why. In my opinion, someone taking your virginity is just as important as you giving it. Suppose this man doesn't want to be responsible for deflowering you? I feel that it would be your responsibility to inform him, and not right before the deed, but way beforehand. Now I'm not saying to tell every guy that you go on a date with that you're a virgin, that isn't really any of their business. However if you are seeing someone that you can possibly become serious with, tell him.

Believe it or not, not every man is comfortable with taking a girl's virginity. Some see it as a big responsibility. Because I love hearing others opinions, I decided to take this question to our Instagram , here are some the responses I got:

 "Yes!!! It's important to be with someone who welcomes every part of you."

 "If You're In A Relationship With Him, Then Yes. If Not, Then No. It's None Of His Business."

"I tell. I need you not to think or expect those types of things from me"

"Only if it's a big deal to you. Some women don't view "virginity" as sacred, some do."

"I think it's important to let them know, if you think it can turn into a real relationship. I always do, but only when I really am interested in them or if they ask."

"When subjects like this come up' I never give my own opinion, I always consult the bible it is gods word, a good website just giveit a try, go to the website ask that question and see where in the bible it points you to, can't hurt to try."

"Yes! It's better to tell him upfront so you can prove his true intentions as opposed to waiting later hoping he'll just accept you based on the notion that you guys have been dating a while. Never assume! Just be honest! The right guy will support your decision"

"Yes! Stand strong in your sexual decisions. It's empowering!"

A couple of men got in on the conversation too, and this is what they had to say.

"I would love to date a virgin. I think it's dope to find such a lady, no judgment otherwise tho."

"Yes, he isn't going nowhere."

I loved everyone's input. It appeared that the majority of you feel that you should inform a man of your sexual status, but only if this is someone you see yourself getting serious with. Now how you would actually inform him of this may vary for everyone. Some women may be able to be very blunt, but others who are shy like myself may find the situation to be very kind of awkward.  Either way, I guarantee you will feel relieved once it's done. I may not be able to advise you on how to approach the conversation, but I can tell you that it needs to be done in person.

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT do this via text or phone call. You want to be able to see someone's initial and genuine reaction. This way you can really see what this man's actual intentions are with you. 

Most importantly ladies, remember to stay true to yourself and feel comfortable in your decision. Because, I can guarantee you that not all men are going to handle this information nicely, and may even pressure you into doing something you're not ready for. Stand firm in your decision, and find a man who respects you and the decisions you make for your body.