I think it is safe to say that Keke Palmer has definitely taken 2014 by force. From being the youngest talk show host to becoming Broadway's first black Cinderella. As black women, we know the fearful feeling of being rejected merely on the fact that we're a black woman.  Keke Palmer is no exception. Covering the January issue of Essence for the first time, Keke speaks on not letting anything stop her from going up for the role:

“I know that the role of Cinderella is primarily for a Caucasian girl, but it didn’t stop me from going in and it didn’t stop them from seeing me," says Palmer. "There is a bit of intimidation. You think about Denzel, Viola Davis, and you think, Only great people can do Broadway. That was the scariest thing about it, but I’m the type who thrives on pressure.”

Photo Credit: Keke's Instagram/ Nino Munoz        

Being a star does not pardon anyone from going through life's unfortunate events. For Keke, it was a recent breakup. For some breakups may seem like the end of the world, but after receiving much love from family, Keke is using her time as a single woman to enjoy these great moments in her life and career: 

"I realized that I'm a lot freer of a spirit. That was the beginning of me standing up for myself." She continues: "I would love to have somebody but this is such a great time in my life, in my career. I really am liking myself."

Photo Credit: Keke's Instagram/ Nino Munoz
Keke also mentions in Essence how she keeps her positive vibes:

"I sometimes have an issue of wanting everybody to have that positive outlook, but you can't change the way anybody else is gonna think"

To find out how Keke handled her leaked nude pictures make sure you pick up your January 2015 issue of Essence available December 5th!

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