Recently, I was able to get the chance to interview young woman whom I've admired for a few years now, and although we are the same age, I have learned so much from watching her.  Kamie Crawford is a model, TV host and philanthropist. Her philanthropy work has been done since before she was crowned "Miss Teen USA 2010", including her involvement with "Same Sky".  I wanted to learn more about Kamie from the lady herself. Check out our in-depth interview inside!

1.)  What are the three top traits you believe every woman should possess?
I think every woman needs to allow herself to be vulnerable, but to an extent.  In everything, you should follow you heart, but remember to take you brain with you.  As independent women we often forget about this, but it is key to living a full and happy life.  I think it is also important that every woman has a sense of humility.  Not to the point where we downplay ourselves, but there is something to be said about a woman who can own every room she walks into without having to be the loudest one there.   Women should be open! Especially young women.  We should be open to new experiences, meeting new people, trying new foods, open to positive criticism and open to reaching our full potential as women in today's world.
2.) You are a future TV host. What caused this to be your career choice? What advice would you have for young women pursuing the same goal?
I started my college career as a pre-med student.  My experiences hosting on camera as Miss Teen USA 2010 really opened my eyes and showed me that I could be good at something else that was little bit more unconventional compared to being a doctor.  My best advice for anyone pursuing a career in entertainment is to understand that hearing the word "no" does not mean your dreams should be crushed and your world should be over.  When one person says no, someone else is going to say yes. That one "yes" is going to wash out all of the "no's". Just make sure you are prepared for that "yes" to come at any second. You never know when opportunity is going to come knocking at your door, but you better be ready to answer it when it shows up!

3.) You carry such a strong independent trait with you. Have you always been this way or was it a mindful decision you made at a certain point in your life?
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Prior to moving to New York for the first time in the 10th grade, I was the classic example of a pushover.  I was bullied a lot growing up about absolutely everything, to the point where I was physically assaulted multiple times by my peers.  I figured that the best way for me to get people to like me was to be non-confrontational and rarely state my opinion.  I was extremely unhappy and my mother would drill it into my mind on a regular basis that I needed to stand up for myself and be strong. Moving to New York from my hometown of Potomac, Maryland at 14 years old was one of the worst experiences of my life, but it was also the most life-changing moment of my young life.  Many of the people in the suburban town I was living in were extremely mean and excluded outsiders. It was also the place where I experienced racism for the first time in my life.  I realized then that you teach people how to treat you and that I needed to make a change in myself so that no one could make me feel less than I actually am.  When I moved back to Maryland the following year, I was a new person, and people noticed! Not that I was rude or mean, but I had a quicker wit and a different kind of "swag" about me.  I wasn't the same girl anymore and I demanded the respect that I deserved as a person and as their peers.  It was that realization that made me who I am today... and of course my mom's nightly empowering talks :)

4.) In 2010 you won the title of "Miss Teen USA" , how has that experience changed you?
Becoming Miss Teen USA opens up doors that would have taken me years to open by myself. It's something that stands out to any potential employer.  Winning at 17, I never knew that I would be 22 and doing what I am doing now.  I discovered a passion that I never knew I had and I am the happiest I have ever been! I've also matured greatly since I was crowned.  The job required you to grow up very quickly, but you're better off for it in the end.
5.) What are three fun facts about Kamie Crawford that no one knows about?
1. Well, EVERYONE knows that I love Starbucks. But what they probably don't know is that I hate coffee. I only drink tea! 
2. I blog! I just started my blog on my website, where I focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle!
 3. I skipped the 2nd grade, which always made me the youngest person in my grade every year. Taking a year off of school as Miss Teen USA put me back on track with the other students in my class! 

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