We had a chance to sit down with Ms. Latoya, or as she is known to her fans "Latoya Forever". The Trinidad native started her channel back in 2010 and has been going strong ever since. Latoya is not your average female YouTuber, while most ladies may be talking about beauty and fashion (which is perfectly fine), Latoya is making us smile and laugh for her comedic portrayal on people's daily thoughts. If you want to get to know the woman behind the computer screen check out our interview inside!

G.D.- What made you decide to start a YouTube Channel?

Latoya- I just needed a platform to express myself. My mother moved around a lot and that meant losing contact with friendships. So I always had a lot to say but I kept to myself. I built the courage to get in front of a camera and never looked back since

G.D.- You have said that you would like to have your own talk show one day. Would you say your show would be like Oprah's or like Ellen's? 
The ultimate goal is indeed to have my own show. Although those are two great tv personalities I don’t think my show would be any of the 2. I would have a more laid back setting and make it easier for the guests appearing. It would come off as if they were visiting me and I just wanted to pick their brains or play a game. Very chill to say the least!

G.D.- How did you decide what your channel was going to be about?

When you start you may end of trying various video types to see what sticks and that was the case with me. Naturally I thought I would have to do beauty guru videos but I wanted to laugh and make jokes more than instruct. Making fun videos resonates better with my audience and I am glad I went down that route.

G.D.-I definitely feel that you are 100% yourself in your videos, have you always been so outgoing?
Yeah! I was spoiled growing up so I had a big mouth and clearly still do J

G.D.- Can your fans expect anything from you soon, outside of YouTube?
Working on a few products. However, I am working on some new content and I’ll just hint its about to get personal!!

G.D.- There are a lot of people with your outgoing personality, but don't express it because they are afraid of being judged. What advice would you give to people in this position?
Your life is your gift to the people around you and it’s up to you to share that gift with others. You cannot live to your potential if you are timid and scared. Great things can happen for you when you get out of your shell!

G.D.- Did you ever think that your channel would be as big as it is now?

I expect much from myself and I actually feel my channel should be 3-5x bigger than it currently is.

G.D.- It's obvious that you love Canada, but would you ever consider moving to the states?

I go to the US quite often but Toronto is where I will rest my head for now. When it makes sense then I’ll consider calling somewhere else home.

G.D.- Who are some your favorite YouTubers?

Daily grace, Tre Melvin, Tpindell, Trey Moe, Superwoman, Tyler Oakley just to name a few (so sorry if I didn’t mention you).

G.D.- There are a lot of young black women out there who would like to start a YouTube Channel, but are afraid of not being accepted, understandably so, seeing as how most famous YouTubers are of the Caucasian race.  What advice would you give these young women?

It really has nothing to do with race. It’s about who’s willing to put in the work consistently and if you’re down to ride for the long haul. The race card is irrelevant!

G.D.- Clearly your videos are made to make us laugh, but is there any other message that you try to send through your videos?
Self-esteem, awareness, trending topics, and my personal values are some of the things I discuss in a more serious tone. I have to be careful with how I do it because It wouldn’t make sense having 1 video about ‘twerking’ and then another video of me giving advice on loving yourself, etc. it’s all about timing.

G.D.- What are some of your most memorable moments since starting your channel?

Going to the superbowl with Tyler Oakley (sponsored by Pepsi) was def a cool experience. We got treated really well too!

G.D.- Is there one video that you like more than the others? If yes, which one and why?

My favourite video would probably between HOW to twerk and Live Pregancy test. I will be releasing in April 2014 my next favourite video (I can’t wait for yall to see it)

G.D.- Other than YouTube, where can our readers keep up with your crazy beautiful self?

Thank you! Latoyaforever.com for sure. Twitter/Instagram @LaToyaForever. A place that people don’t know I am active is keek @latoyaforever

Check Out Latoya's Latest Video Below:

Photo Credit: LaToyaForever Facebook Page