While I think it's great that so many women have decided to wear their hair in it's natural state, I also think that this "movement" has gone too far. I have passed up offers to attend natural hair conventions  only because I'm not interested in being initiated into the "natural hair club". Now I know some of you are thinking, that's not true, but it is. I have heard and seen on numerous occasions women with natural hair talk about how those who wear weaves or have relaxed hair are not being "true to themselves". Going natural wasn't a decision I made because of some speech I got from a natural hair guru. I cut my hair because first off I like the way it looks and second because I'm too lazy to do my hair.  I feel that as black women, we already have so many things that separate us, for example that whole light skin vs. dark skin crap. We really don't need something as unimportant as hair to further divide us.

Wearing your hair natural doesn't make you any more black than those who wear wigs and weaves. Just as I am against women speaking negatively about those who wear their hair natural, I am against women speaking negatively about those who don't.  Just a disclaimer, I am not trying to attack the natural hair community, it's actually very nice to see people stepping out as they are despite what some may say. I just don't want us to bring each other down just because we don't agree on something, so many beautiful things can stem from different opinions. At the end of the day it's just hair, and rather than making it something so serious let's just admire how creative and diverse we have been with styles through the years. By the way just so I don't seem one-sided I will also be making a post towards those who speak negatively about natural hair.  So the next time you see a sista with a weave or wig, don't start to talk about how she's "ashamed" of her natural hair, you'll be surprised to see how much more me we can accomplish as a group of women when we don't pay attention to the petty stuff.

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