I am writing to my young blacks and Latinas.  Since the ending of last year up to now I have seen constant news reports of young people building million dollar businesses. Out of all these reports I have yet to see a young person of a black or Latina background.  I know this is not because they don't exist, trust, you don't have to convince me that are brilliant blacks and Latinas out there.  I have met plenty.  So I'm trying to figure out why we aren't on the news or in magazines, getting the same amount of notoriety.  I'll tell you why.

One thing I noticed that all these young successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they have a strong and loyal support system behind them. Usually people within their own race.  I have said for years that the black community just can't seem to come together on things that matter and things that will make us better as a community.  Sure we'll come together in a line to buy some new shoes or when we're recording a fight to post on the internet, to further bring on our own people down.  Yet, we don't come together when one of our own is on the verge of accomplishing something great.

Why? Because what their doing isn't "cool" enough? Because this person is pretty enough to support? (yes, that happens).  We are the only ones holding ourselves back, you can't blame "white America" much longer.  Listen, not everyone wants to rap, sing, play a sport, or be a reality TV star.  There are some great business men and women out there. They just need our support and loyalty. All we have is each other, let's help each other and take the business world by force.
Although money isn't EVERYTHING, being broke is no fun.  I want to see more Oprah's an less Lil'Wayne's, no shade, ok well maybe a little. Anyway, my point is I want to more black and Latina professionals. We dominate the athletic and music industries, but sadly these two businesses don't always properly represent us. I am always hearing blacks and Latinas complain about having to work for "the man". Then become "the man" or woman! Go support a small black or Latina business today! Start now by clicking our shop link on the top of this page!