Now if you are a social media addict like myself, then it is crystal clear that the majority of popular YouTubers and  Instagram users, and bloggers are of, shall we say, European descent. Just so you know this is not including celebrities.  While we are often represented through reality television, in a negative way, we are sometimes neglected of  the chance to represent ourselves in a more positive light through different platforms (i.e. YouTube & Instagram) Is this because of a lack of support or a lack of acceptance? Now on "Sincerely Yari" we like to keep it real, and the reality is that a young white girl is not going to be in a rush to click on a video or picture of a young black girl, she is going to click on someone who looks more like her.   Does this mean that she is prejudice?! Absolutely not, it is only natural for young women to gravitate towards others females that they can immediately relate to and that includes race. Now when it comes to young black girls, they seem to be more open to view women of all backgrounds.  While this a pro, it is also a con. It is a con because they begin to focus on society's idea of beauty, and to most, that may be the spanish or white girl on YouTube and Instagram. This idea is one that can cause the lack of support we have for each other. I'm not saying that becoming Instagram "famous" should be everyone's goal, but what I am saying is that as a outnumbered community, we need to support each other more.  Now this does not mean we need to neglect our other interests just because it isn't represented by a black woman, but take some time to go check out your fellow sista and show them some love!