Maybe it's just me, but every time a new black man steps onto the Hollywood scene, the first thing that goes through my mind is the question, "you think he dates black girls"?  Does this curiosity stem from nowhere? No.  
It comes about because I have repeatedly seen our men choose to be with someone outside of our race, not because of preference but ignorance.  Before I continue, let me make it understood that I have absolutely NOTHING against dating outside of your race.  

My problem is that it is obvious that most of these men are following a trend.  I honestly don't believe that these men are completely against us, I mean half of them have children with black women. Yet somehow we are drawn out the picture when the fame comes in.  I think that once a new level of success is reached, they become more concerned about their exterior appearance, and that includes the lady that they carry on their arm. 
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If I sound bias with this statement, then so be it, but I have respect for Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and others who have not been ashamed to flaunt their beautiful black queens to the world. They never felt the need to follow others, but to do what so many refuse to. We are clearly marriage material, just ask Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Obama and so many others.

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Is it a shame that I as a black women have to wonder whether a black man in or out of hollywood would date me because I'm not "exotic" looking enough? Yes, yes, yes! So many times I hear our men lift us up to the public, "black is beautiful.....she is my queen" the compliments go on and on. Yet when it comes down to being with us, your feelings somehow make a complete 360!  

I understand that at times a black man may fall for a woman who isn't black, and may have nothing against black women, but I mean come on. You mean to tell you haven't been around hundreds of black women whom you were extremely attracted to, both her personality and physical features? Of course you have, it's nearly impossible to not have been.  We're beautiful, and I believe I speak for most black women when I say all we want is for our brothas to have the same love for us as we have for them. Another woman of another race should not be able to look at me and say, "you don't have a chance with me around".  Protect us the way we would protect you, stand up for us, but most importantly love us. We get thrown hate enough by this world, and the last thing we want is for own to be a part of that crowd.

I just want to close with this, I am in no way against interracial dating, but I am against and tired of being purposely neglected by my own. I believe love in general is beautiful, but it would be nice to see more little chocolate couples walking around.