So I've noticed a little trend on pretty popular TV shows starring black women.  We are being portrayed as either mistresses or someone who obviously doesn't mind ruining a marriage.  The three Tv shows that I have noticed in particular are, "Being Mary Jane" (Gabrielle Union), "The Haves And The Haves Nots" (Tika Sumpter) and the infamous "Scandal" (Kerry Washington). I do realize that these women are playing fictional characters, and that in no way do their characters depict who they are off screen.

I mean I do love me some Scandal, it's my guilty pleasure.  I'm just a little disappointed,  considering the fact that most, if not all three of these shows are produced by African Americans, I expected something different. I would think that this opportunity would have been taken to portray our community as a group that hold carries some type of morals.  It's a chance to bring back that strong black family dynamic on television that has been hardly portrayed since the "Cosby Show".

I may be taking a chance by saying this, but I believe the black community can at times act out based on how we see ourselves  depicted on screen. While we may not notice, what we watch has a bigger influence on us than we think.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I miss seeing the Claire Huxtables of television, I just prefer to have learned a lesson at the end of whatever I may be watching. Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint lol, I'm a reality TV addict. I just feel that we are put in the categories of scandalous characters or are on reality TV looking crazy. I just wish that we were portrayed more in a positive light, we need more mothers and less baby mamas, more wives and less mistresses.

These fictional and non- fictional characters have such a great impact on our young women. I see it all the time, the way they act, it is clear that they are channeling their favorite TV character or reality star. The same way we scold rappers for being negatives influences to our young men, our women need to remember that they too need to be better role models for our younger women.

As always, I am just stating my personal opinion. I have nothing but love for all these women. For those who may not agree with what I'm saying, please comment your thoughts!

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