So the other night I started watching a new reality show called, "Blood, Sweat & Heels".  It is suppose to be about six career women in New York City, and being a young entrepreneur myself, I somehow had the idea that this show was actually going to give a few pointers on how I can better my business.  Boy, was I wrong, just like every other reality show, it ended in complete pointless drama, with the ladies hashing it out at dinner.Now I wish I can say that it is going to be super easy for me to stop watching these type of shows, but if you read my "50 Facts About Me", then you know that reality television are one of my guilty pleasures.  The title of this post, "What Does Reality TV Do For You"? isn't meant to make anyone feel bad, but is actually a question that I ask myself all the time.

I watch at least four reality shows a week, most of them being female dominated.  Some of these women consider themselves to be "role model material", but last time I checked throwing drinks,

swearing and fighting over a man isn't exactly what a role model does.  Are these really the type of people we want to be like? How does watching these shows better us in our everyday lives?  How much of what we see rubs off on us? The next time you are watching your favorite reality show, ask yourselves some of these questions.  These women have clearly used whatever talent it is that they have to make themselves "famous".  Rather than watching someone else live their dream, we should be doing something that is going to bring us closer to our dreams.  I know this probably won't be easy for us, but I truly believe that it will be worth it!